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Calculate your MPG.

Working out your MPG is good practice. Firstly it lets you keep tabs on the running costs of your car.

The main benefit for a car owner is you get to detect a sudden drop in MPG. This is usually caused by the following problems

  • Low tyre pressures, a puncture or just loss of air.
  • Engine fault, often just a dirty sensor causing it to run rich.
  • There could be more serious issues though such as boost leaks.
  • Poor quality fuel, it is suprising that you can usually get 4-6 mpgs more out of premium quality higher octane fuel.
  • Excess weight in the car, is there a load of junk in the boot?

Use this free MPG calculator http://www.torquecars.com/tools/uk-mpg-calculator.php from TorqueCars to work out your cars current MPG, this is generally more accurate that your cars on board trip display.

To use it fill the tank, then note the miles you covered since your last fill up, record how many litres of fuel you used and put the information into this calculator.


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