Drift scene
UK Drifting clubs


JDM - Japan Domestic Market
D1 – The Autobacs D1 Grand Prix which started in Japans Ebisu South Circuit. This is the worlds premier drift championship.
Togue - back mountain roads in Japan.
RWD - Rear Wheel Drive.
Slip Diff – Causes the driven wheels to spin at different rates when turning or on a low grip surface.
Drift Lock – A perfectly set up drift that requires minimal correction.
Oversteer - where the rear of the car runs wide of the front.
Understeer - the front of the car runs wider than the direction steered in.

Techniques (Discussed in more detail here)

Dirt Drop Drift
- You allow the rear wheels to leave the tarmac surface into a lower grip one such as dirt, gravel or grass.
Jump Drift - The rear wheels hit the rumble strip at the side of the track
Handbrake Drift - The handbrake is jabbed on causing the rear wheels to lock up and slide.
Feint Drift - Steer to the left then countersteer forcing the back of the car to drift.
Inertia Drift - Heavy deceleration and then a steering movement as the rear wheels go light.


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