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Any RWD car car drift. Some cars though are easier than others to drift in.

There are a few things to bear in mind that should be considered essential to drifting.

The best cars to drift in have rear wheel drive or a 4WD which can be switched to RWD. A RWD vehicle can utilise all of the drift techniques mentioned in the Techniques section. A locked slip diff will be an enormous help in maintaining a drift and should be considered an essential (you can weld the diff to lock it, rather than buy a new locked differential.) Both Short and long wheel base cars are suitable. Power is not an essential. Stiffened suspension with more negative camber at the front than the rear.

Moving along from the minimum described above it is useful to do the following.

Lightening the car will help its responsiveness. Removing side glass and replacing with Perspex, taking out the seats carpet and all other uneccessary fittings.

We then move our attention to the brakes, suspension setup, steering, clutch, Body, Tyres and safety equipment. Click here

Next job is to look at tuning the engine for more power and reliability click here




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