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The aim is to get as much power and torque from tuning the engine as possible. This entails a great deal of car tuning work but there is a logical order you should approach things in. Generally speaking the more power a car has the bigger the gain you will get from car tuning. So if you have a 60bhp car an investment of £3000 will only yield a car of say 90bhp wheras a 150bhp car can achieve 300bhp from the same amount of money.

Turbo engines are the best to work with, first off throw away the standard turbo and air flow meter. Getting a wider aperture air flow meter will help to free up the air flow into the engine and an aftermarket turbo will help to provide larger power gains. Choose an OEM replacement if you are on a budget which should be a straight turbo swap and ask for one with ball bearings as these last longer and withstand a lot of punishment. For larger budgets I would go with a larger turbo but these will involve some plumbing modifications. After the turbo is fitted you need to get the engine remapped to take full advantage of the extra power on offer.

Other details worth considering when tuning a drift car would be to fit a lighter flywheel. You need a responsive engine which responds quickly to changes of throttle and a lighter flywheel will do just that, mate this to a carbon fibre drive shaft and you will have a flexible drift engine. Induction kits should be fitted with a cold air feed and will help to free up the top end of the engine but this should be matched to a sports exhaust to expel the spent gasses effectively.

A sports cam, fast road profile will suffice but for racing a sport cam will be better. The low down power will be lost but you will find a lot more top end power which is just where you need it to be when drifting. You will also need a heavy duty clutch and stronger gearbox as this will take a real pounding when you are competatively drifting click here for more. (Visit TorqueCars for more comprehensive car tuning tips.)

Next we need to divert our attention to the brakes, suspension setup, steering, clutch, Body, Tyres and safety equipment. Click here


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